Are You Facing an Impairing Driving Charge?

Are You Facing an Impairing Driving Charge? Operating while under influence (OWI) types of cases are full of their own nuances.  An effective defense requires that your attorney have in-depth knowledge of Wisconsin’s OWI laws, the penalty structure for such offenses, the field sobriety testing procedures used by the police, and the devices used to […]


Thanks to Hanna, Brandt & Lucsay LLP and Amber Lucsay I was able to spend this past Christmas at home with my family and not in a prison. The Paralegals are amazing and SO helpful. Overall, everyone at this law firm goes out of their way to help you. I HIGHLY recommend Hanna, Brandt & […]

Roman Shemayev

Hanna, Brandt & Lucsay, LLP is a great team! Amber Lucsay represented me very well in a traffic accident dispute: honest, fair, dedicated, knowledgeable, accessible, and professional to the highest degree. I found this firm very easy to work with and should I never need a lawyer, this will be my first choice. Many thanks […]


It has been a long immigration journey and Jen Hanna has helped us through it. Not just in the legal aspect but emotional as well. We set off on a journey basically unknown, in the hands of the U.S Government, not knowing what they where thinking and fearful of what was to happen next. Jen […]


Being an immigrant with a troubled situation over here, was a life changing event for me and my husband. Thank you very much for all your magnanimous support and making impossible as possible. This has given me a chance to have a new start on my life. Words are not enough to describe how deeply […]

Larry & Hedy

Immigration and Status Change filings can be difficult and seem complicated. As laymen, we do the best we can but it is sometimes not enough. We incorporated the help of Jen Hanna and this firm. We are so glad we did. They gave us the confidence to continue to move forward with our USCIS dealings […]

Criminal Defense

We represent people throughout Wisconsin in all types of criminal cases in both state and federal court. Contact us if you or your loved one is charged with the following: Disorderly Conduct Domestic Abuse Drug Crimes Battery Sexual Assaults Theft or Robbery Burglary Or any other criminal charge OWI These cases are best handled by […]

Family Law

Madison, Wisconsin Divorce and Family Law Attorneys Divorce consistently ranks as one of life’s most stressful events. When divorce is coupled with a dispute over child custody, placement or support, the emotional toll is even higher. It can be difficult to put one foot in front of the other during these times, much less make […]

Immigration Law

Madison, Wisconsin Immigration Attorneys A Powerful Advocate for Immigrants in Wisconsin and throughout the U.S.  Each year tens of thousands of foreign nationals seek to join family members in the United States or struggle to remain lawfully on U.S. soil. U.S. immigration laws are complicated and often confusing. As a result, many non-citizens and their […]